What is the Gastric Balloon ?

intragastric-balloonA proven weight loss solution for more than 10 years in Europe, Australia and South America. The gastric balloon is made of soft expandable, high quality silicone. Once inserted that balloon is filled with sterile water, and the filling system and tube are removed painlessly, non-surgically and safely.

We are excited to offer this solution. Fast and safe, the gastric balloon is resistant to sharp pieces of food and stomach acid, because it is constructed of the highest quality silicone elastomer. Unlike gastric band surgery, the gastric balloon DOES NOT cause stomach irritation, scarring and minimizes the risk of blockages or obstructions. It is easily seen in abdominal X-rays.
We specialize in helping you lose weight and keep the weight off by providing state of the art solutions, like the Gastric Balloon, and a dedicated team of weight loss professionals and specialists who are there to see you succeed.

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We Have The Newest And Best Weight Loss Program For You

Skilled medical professionals at ‘Options Weight Loss Clinic’ in Toronto have dealt with all the mental and physical challenges of people who need to lose weight. Our multi-disciplined plan–including the intragastric balloon, a non-surgical weight loss alternative–can deliver the weight-loss you need. We positively change people’s lives. Offering a simple Gastric Balloon procedure supported by six months of powerful lifestyle management coaching and another six months of support, you will lose weight.