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Theresa Dugwell – Coach at Options Weight Loss Clinic

The individuals I have coached in the area of health and fitness have followed a formula that I’ve created.  I believe that the mind and body must be in alignment – if one wants to loose weight it goes beyond just cutting calories.  It is a lifestyle change.

1.  Initial Consultation is a Discovery Session:  Find out about the individual and have them connect with they WHY for taking the step to loose weight and get healthy
2.  Define Goals in the area of health to have something to work towards – make them achievable (set them up for success always)
3.  Review and Define their Food and Fitness Plan
4.  Have them keep a Food/Mood journal on how they are doing daily – this is something I would review with the individual if there any days that were more challenging
5.  I also encouraged the buddy system – having someone to go to the gym with or set some goals with
6.  Add in incentives – Rewards along the way to work towards
7.  Weekly check in with me – if necessary I was available via text or email also with some of the ladies I worked with.



Psychological Assessments:
Administration of Cognitive, Neuropsychological, Personality, Intellectual,
 Attention, Memory and other specialized test.  Measured baselines of functioning pre and post treatment.

Psychology (York University)

Coaching, Psychophysiology, Biofeedback and Psychometry

Biofeedback & Lifestyle Coach with the Applied Psychology Centre

Supportive counseling:
Coached clients with goal-setting, life skills and lifestyle factors, support and linking with community resources (medical, addictions, housing, social and recreational)

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